Tenancy v4 & SaaS boilerplate 2.0: Coming Soon

Samuel Štancl

Samuel Štancl


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We have some big announcements about our projects.

The main thing, as the title says, is that we're now focusing on Tenancy v4 and SaaS boilerplate 2.0.

Lean Admin development is getting paused

The development of Lean Admin is getting temporarily paused.

As you know, the development took far longer than we expected.

And even though the vast majority of the features are finished, the last 10% are almost as difficult as the previous 90%.

We don't want to release an unfinished product, so we're only going to release Lean publicly when it's completely stable and feature-complete (in terms of core features; extensions will of course be a big thing as well).

However, for the past few months, it's been difficult to make meaningful progress on Lean Admin because our attention has been spread across too many things.

Most of those projects — most importantly ArchTech Ecommerce — are also close to being finished.

So the change we're making: we will all be working on Tenancy (and its ecosystem), and then we'll all be working on Lean Admin.

Our e-commerce package will be released after Lean Admin, and it will be released with its Lean Admin counterpart (a premium e-commerce dashboard). We've been developing it alongside our upcoming marketplace, but both projects are now getting paused in favor of Tenancy and its ecosystem.

We expect progress on Lean Admin to be much faster after Tenancy v4 is released, since we will all be focusing on Lean together.

Tenancy v4 is in development

We've started working on Tenancy for Laravel v4.

Main features we're focusing on:

  • Better "early identification" features
  • Integrating with third-party packages better
  • Jetstream support
  • Route model binding support on tenant routes
  • Better handling of constructor dependency injection
  • Postgres RLS support

v4 documentation will be rewritten from scratch.

SaaS boilerplate 2.0 will be released as beta

Alongside Tenancy v4, we're building SaaS boilerplate 2.0.

Highlighted features:

  • Will be based on Jetstream
  • Much faster tests
  • More integrations with webserver providers (for HTTPS certificates)
  • Improved UI & UX
  • Improved billing
  • Tailwind CSS 3.0

v4 Early Access

Right now, early access is available to people who are experienced with the package and willing to provide their input during v4 development.

Later, all sponsors will get early access to v4, weeks before 4.0.0 is released.

We normally don't like putting OSS behind "paywalls" — even if just for early access — but we figured it'd be a nice thank-you to our sponsors (many of whom have been sponsoring for years now). And we're pausing the development of paid products in favor of our open-source projects, so we're fine with this model here.

SaaS boilerplate v2 will not be officially released until Lean Admin is released. Lean will be a part of the boilerplate, so we won’t fully release the product until Lean is out as well.

However, SaaS boilerplate v2 beta (= without Lean) will be available as an upgrade to customers of SaaS boilerplate v1.

We've mentioned before that SaaS boilerplate v2 will be significantly discounted for customers of v1, even though they are two separate products that will independently remain maintained.

Therefore, SaaS boilerplate v1 customers will be able to purchase this "upgrade" even before SaaS boilerplate v2 is fully released.

New offers for Tenancy clients

Earlier this year we re-opened for Tenancy consulting.

Now we're also launching two new offers for Tenancy and SaaS boilerplate clients.

  1. SaaS boilerplate deployment service. Getting the SaaS boilerplate working in production can be a bit tough, especially if you've never used Ploi before. Some clients wanted help with this before, so now we have a productized offer.
  2. Build Your SaaS Program. A two-month consulting program for clients who want us to work closely with them on implementing multi-tenancy in their SaaS.


In short:

  • We're now focusing on Tenancy and its ecosystem
  • Our marketplace & e-commerce package will be launched later this year
  • We're now offering a SaaS boilerplate deployment as a service
  • Projects will be launched in this order:
    1. Tenancy v4
    2. SaaS boilerplate v2 beta
    3. Lean Admin
    4. SaaS boilerplate v2, full release with a Lean Admin dashboard
    5. E-commerce package + Lean Ecommerce
  • During Tenancy development, we're also offering a larger consulting program. We might continue it after Tenancy v4 is out, but we can't guarantee that we'll have enough availability when we're focusing on Lean again.

Lean Admin is launching this year!