About us

We are a web development agency that specializes in Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Livewire, Alpine.js, and TypeScript development.

Our main approach to web development at this time is Livewire-based UIs with lots of quality TS for improved interactivity. This means that we get the development speed and security benefits of Livewire, which is entirely backend-based, as well as all of the UX benefits of JS-rich applications.

Developer tools

A major focus of ours is developing tools that make the work of other web developers easier. We have both open-source and commercial products that are being used by thousands of developers every day.


Our first and biggest project is Tenancy for Laravel. It's a package that takes a unique approach at providing multi-tenancy, which means that developers don't have to change almost any code at all to turn a single-tenant app to a multi-tenant app. It's also by far the most feature-rich multi-tenancy package in the Laravel ecosystem.

Tenancy also has an associated product, Multi-tenant SaaS boilerplate, which provides scaffolding for multi-tenant SaaS applications. For a one-time fee developers get a ready-to-be-deployed multi-tenant application template with working billing logic, domain management, and HTTPS certificate management. The time saved with these tools is massive, which reflects on the amount of companies that use them.

Lean Admin

Our biggest upcoming project is Lean Admin. It's a Laravel package for building customer-facing admin panels using the TALLstack.

This means that it's heavily focused on customizability, while abstracting as much as possible and avoiding repetition.

As with all of our projects, we avoid website generators, repetitive views, and things of that nature. Finding abstractions that let us write the smallest amount of code while not losing any customizability is always the ultimate goal.


We also run a job board at StackJobs.dev. It's focused on efficient hiring with as little noise as possible.

Unlike most job boards, StackJobs doesn't have a public list of job postings. Nor does it spam the same jobs to everyone's email.

Instead, it asks developers to build a detailed profile of themselves, which is then used to match with job postings based on their requirements and preferences. We have an actual scoring algorithm to calculate the strength of the match.

Learning content

We also have a lot of online learning content in the Laravel world. Many articles on our personal blogs, Twitter threads with code design tips, as well as community projects like Laravel Code Tips.

Agency work

Our work is phasic in the sense that some months we work exclusively on our own products, while other months we do mostly client work.

Currently, the aim is our own products. In about November 2021 we'll be focusing on client work again. While we have some plans already, feel free to reach out if you'd like to work with us.


Aside from building projects, we can provide help in the form of consulting.

Most of our consulting clients are building multi-tenant applications which are notoriously complex — but having built a package for that, we already figured out the hard things and can provide efficient help in that context.

We also focus on code design and code clarity (we built Laravel Code Tips), which is something we can also help with.

Lean Admin is launching this year!